Services- How we can help

Social Media Marketing-

  • Training

Cut your social teeth with a one-on-one or team training session tailored to your specific social media needs. From providing a general introduction to the social world to educating you on a specific platform to teaching you how to run a specific promotion like a Facebook contest, we’ve got the teaching skills to do it.

  • Situation Analysis

Know you want to venture into the world of social media but don’t know where to start? We can help you figure out where your customers are spending their time online and analyze what your competitors are doing in the social world and then use that to put together a strategic social media plan to keep you competitive and maximize the bang for your marketing bucks.

  • Management

Want someone to handle your daily social media responsibilities? We’ll set up your accounts, discuss your goals, figure out what daily steps need to be taken to reach them and handle it from there.

  • On-call consulting

Walked a few miles in your social media shoes but have the occasional burning question? Call us when you need us, we’ll help you out, ya know, like On-Star for social media.

Event Marketing-

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